Friday, July 3, 2009

Inpending doom.

Soo September.The month all joy ends.Why?

Because I'm going into 5th Year and no more 4th year thats why.The heady days of 4th year shall be long gone.No more playing poker all day while teachers look on helplessly,''But were 4th years,you cant do anything hahaha'' we used to say.No more mitching last class(es) to go downtown,home etc.No more doing crappy projects to waste time because ''They'll look good on your CV''.But the worst for me is no more sleeping in till small break and telling my Mam ''Sure I have free classes,plus I'm in 4th year you cant do anything hahahaha''.

How we used to laugh.

But sure enough all good things come to an end. /end bitterness.
Now I'm going into the dark recesses of 5th year.BUT on the bright side I'm starting Biology:D

Thats literally the only good thing,how sad.
And I've been told people I despise are repeating,It couldnt get any better!

Anyways rant over.

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